Welcome to Jordan holiday tours. Let's start your trip with Umm Qais castle in Jordan.

There are some things must do in Jordan Holiday Tours.

Jordan, which officially named The Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan, is a very safe and tolerant country. And if you are still thinking is it safe to travel to Jordan, as a best travel agency in Amman we can make your Jordan travel safety.

When you are planning your Jordan holiday tours, you can count on friendly staffs in hotels and airport, helpful staffs in shops and professional tour guides. And be sure that you can wear jeans everywhere if you are a lady or a man. No special dresses needed.

Amman airport terminal is a place to pickup in Jordan holiday tours.

So, let's start planning your Jordan holiday tours! Jordan Excursions to famous places in Jordan, cheap family holiday packages, day tours in Jordan and trips to Petra, small group tours and solo travel tours are made for your wishes. You can plan Biblical tours, religious tours for a famous historical sights in Jordan like Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promise Land. It is only 40 km away from Amman and deserve your time in Jordan tours.

Mount Nebo is must seen in Jordan Holiday toursPope John Paul II at mount Nebo in Jordan

Or you can get relaxing sea holidays at Dead sea hotels, spa's and resorts. The healing power of a Dead sea is so huge, that many people coming here to heal their knees or just relax body and mind and set your soul free.


You can find at least 99 things to do in Amman. Take a look at famous Amman Citadel in Amman City tour to downtown. Visit Temple of Hercules, one of most famous places in Jordan, a symbol of Amman.

Amman Citadel is must seen in Amman City Tour with Jordan Hills company. Visit Temple of Hercules, one of a famous historical sights in Jordan. 

Buy most attractive souvenirs in old center of a city. There are amazing gold shops, Swiss watch and national Arabic dresses. Sometimes you even will not find prices. Negotiating! You are in a Middle East. You can buy for reasonable price or just go to a next shop. You have choice always.


Visit the Cave of Seven Sleepers, who were mentioned in the Qur’an in “Suret Al-Kahf” – One of several locations claiming to be the cave where the “seven sleepers” escaped persecution and slept for 309 years. Inside you can see 8 sealed tombs, while above and below the cave are the remains of two mosques.

 Find out a legend about the Seven Sleepers in One Day Jordan Holiday ToursCave of Seven Sleepers entrance

Give a time for a Turkish spa in Amman. They will give you amazing feeling of rest.

 Take a rest in famous Turkish bath in a Jordan Holiday Tours

If you admire old cars and luxury cars, you should visit a Royal Automobile Museum. Dont forget, that you are in Jordan, The Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan, and it has long history. Many years Royal Dynasty got presents from other countries, make gifts... So you can take a look for amazing, unique, sometimes very old cars, but also know more about history of the country.


Visit Mosques and Churches in Amman.
Visit the King Abdullah I Mosque –  the unmistakable blue-domed mosque, symbol of Amman. And King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque.

 Amman, King Abdullah Blue Mosque in Jordan holiday tours. Symbol of Amman.

 Amman King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque in Jordan Holiday Tours

There is a place in Amman where you can see not far away then 100 meters from each other a Muslim Mosque, a Christian Orthodox Church and Catholic Church. And it is safe to visit all of them.


Traditional continental breakfast is served in each hotel in Jordan holiday tours. But when you are going out of hotel to discover your very own Jordan, don’t be scared to try a local food. Jordanian food is a type of Arab foods, and I did not found anything not suitable for European taste. Some you will like less, some will like more, but totally all you can try and eat. Don't expect that you will find sandwich with a same taste as at your home, but for sure you can get traditional Mansaf as only local's can do. Chicken Shawurma is really nice from local fast foods and not expensive. You will like salad's from a fresh vegetables as Tabula and Fattoush.


Must do in Jordan holidays is trying Arabic coffee. Usually Arabic Coffee served at the end of any eating in tiny coffee cups. Did you know that for make traditional Arabic coffee you need to keep water boiling couple of days? And taste of Arabic coffee really deserve to wait for so long.


Learn to cook local Jordanian food at Beit Sitti – Take a cooking class, usually consisting of 12 people or less, and learn how to cook traditional local food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, then feast on your creations. Such cooking classes are very popular in Amman and Petra. You can put it on list to do in Your Petra Tours.


First place where you can go out of Amman is a Dead sea. It is only 50 kilometers away and very easy to go.

Try the healing power of Dead sea salt at wellness and spa, relax your body and mind by floating in most salt Dead sea water in the world. Even breathing at Dead sea is more easy than anywhere else, because it is 400 meters under the World level of sea and area around the Dead sea is riches by oxygen. Jordan Beauty Tours are very popular between Jordan Tourists.

Relaxing body and mind spa programs at Dead sea hotels and Resorts 

What to mention a thermal springs in Jordan – Ma'an hot springs with famous resorts and breathtaking views. One of a best hotels in Jordan, only 40 km away from Amman.


Visit Madaba, the city of mosaics and old churches. You will find mosaics everywhere here, starting from hundreds years churches till modern coffee shops. Famous St. George Church with mosaic map is also here.

 Visit Madaba, the city of Mosaics and old churches

With our adventure holiday tours enjoy active Jordan travel. Discover taste of real wild Bedouin's life in Wadi Rum desert, ride camels, get jeep 4x4 safari tour in desert. Get climbing and trekking in Wadi al Mujib desert.

 Wadi Rum Jordan Holiday Tours

Camping in a desert with traditional dinner and dancing program is must have in adventure holiday Jordan tours.

And of course, Petra in Jordan is the first you should see. If you was in Jordan and did not visit Petra, you saw nothing. That is why Petra Tours so popular in Jordan tours.

Petra Tours at best Jordan Holidays

One of the 7 Wonders, the lost city of Petra still one of the greatest secret on a planet and one of the most beautiful places on Earth to see. That is why Petra tours include in all our Jordan holidays packages.

Petra Monastery looks amazing at the sky

First time in a big movies Petra came in film in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. And after at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The ruins at Petra are Jordan's most recognizable landmarks and one of 7 Wonders and one of the world's great archaeological remains.

Indiana Johns and the Last Crusade in Petra Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen in Petra Jordan

Kingdom of Heaven with Ridley Scott and Orlando Bloom makes The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan memorial. 

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