One Day Jordan Sightseeing Tours    Aqaba - Petra - Aqaba

This one day Jordan holiday tours to Petra is perfect for visitors from Israel or Egypt who wish to make a day trip to Petra.

Jordan Itinerary

You will have to arrive early at the border / port in Aqaba to finalize entry proceedings to Jordan. Your car and driver in Jordan sightseeing tours will pick you up at your point of entry and proceed directly to Petra (2-hour drive). You will be able to spend up to 5 hours in Petra Tours before you will be picked up and returned to the border / port in Aqaba.


Prices quoted include car rental (car and driver in Jordan sightseeing). Please note that there will be an additional entrance fee to Petra of JOD 90.00 (EUR 100.00) per person for guests not spending the night in Jordan. This fee is set by the government and is non-negotiable. The local Petra guide is optional and will cost an additional JOD 50.00 (EUR 60.00) per group for a tour of 2 hours. You may do the tour on your own using the free Petra guidebook to save this fee.

One person: EUR 195.00
Two persons: EUR 140.00 per person
Three to five persons: EUR 100.00 per person 

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